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Rare Rockford Fosgate PA 2 EQ

19 September 2020, 11:12

Utah, River Ridge

Price 375 USD

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ad rare rockford fosgate pa 2 eq



Privat person / Business

Privat person

Rockford Fosgate's PA2 EQ is easily-mounted 1/2 DIN unit puts 4-band equalization, a front-to-rear fader, non-fading subwoofer output level, A/B source switching, and master volume all within easy reach for quick system adjustments.

You can adjust (-10 dB to +10 dB) 4 bands of equalization: bass (variable from 40-80 Hz), low mids (250 Hz), upper midrange (1,000 Hz), and highs (variable from 1,000-20,000 Hz). Illumination is switchable from green to deep red (not amber). The red LED clipping indicator warns you of unacceptable distortion levels.

This unit is designed to be used with crossovers or amplifiers with built-in crossovers — all three pairs of outputs are full-range.

This unit has no built-in amplifier — must be used in conjunction with one or more external amplifiers.

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Giovanna Dubinsky
Giovanna Dubinsky
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4 December 2018




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