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Lithops "Living Stones"

18 September 2020, 8:08

Maryland, The Grove

Price 2 USD

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ad lithops living stones



Privat person / Business

Privat person

Living Stones $2.75

2" Echeveria $1.50

2" Succulents $1.50

2" Cactus $1.75

3" Echeveria $2.50

3" Succulents $2.50

3" Hawthoria $2.50

3" Rosettes $2.50

4" Succulents $3.50

4" Echeveria $3.50

3" Cactus $2.50

4" Cactus $5

Large Cactus $10 up

Large Succulents $10 up

Orchids $8 - $12

String Of Pearl $15 (Currently have smaller $5.00)

Madagascar Palm $10 -$25

Crown Of Thrown $7.00

Various Butterfly Bushes $12

Hibiscus $15

Milkweed $5 & $10

Purslane $2.50 & $12

Cash Only.

$10 Min. Order.

We do not ship.

We can get high-quality plants in bulk qty.

Located in Eustis, Florida (Near Central Florida Bible Camp)

Proceeds go to 501(c)(3) non-profit exotic animal rescue and sanctuary Crazy Critters Inc.

You can find us on most social media platforms.

We Grow Crazy Plants For Crazy Critters!

Crazy Critters Inc. Is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Private Exotic Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. Our plant nursery is located in our gift shop greenhouse. Sorry, we do not do animal tours. We grow and sell plants to support all the exotics that call us a forever home. We do not have animals on display because we allow them to live naturalistic lifestyles. However, we are working on a fun and educational tour about native and invasive species of plant and wildlife. This will be available by private appointment this late Fall 2018.

Crazy Critters Inc.

22921 County Road 44a, Eustis, Florida 32736 352-589-5999

We are open 10-4 Wednesday through Sunday operating hours.

You can find us at 22921 County Road 44A, Eustis. It is not uncommon for normal GPS to bring people a lil down the road. Make sure you type the A on the 44.

100% Of The Proceeds Go Directly To Non-Profit 501(C)(3) Exotic Animal Sanctuary.



Cheris Critters
Cheris Critters
online 1 year ago


8 December 2018




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